AC2094 Ball Foot Hose Barb Air Chuck

●  Mounts directly to an air hose

●  This chuck has a built-in shut-off valve to stop airflow when chuck is not in use

●  The air will escape only during inflation (in contact with the tire valve)

●  Suitable for 1/4″ ID hose

●  CNC machined hose barb for high accurate dimension and secured connection with most air hoses

●  Maximum air pressure of 150 pounds per square inch

●  Open type also available, for inflator gauge

●  Material: mainly made of brass which is durable and sturdy, designed with good corrosion resistance and you can use them for a long time

Product Detail

This tire air chuck is perfect for inflating tires in the automotive workshop or home garage. The right angle ball foot tire inflator fits easily on most valve stems to quickly and efficiently air up your tires. It is also suitable for filling your air tank, and necessary fitting for your air compressor or air line. This is a handy accessory for your tire inflator to pump new air in tires for your car, truck, bike, RV or trailer.


●  Ball foot chuck

●  150 psi maximum air line pressure

●  Solid brass construction with high strength, anti-wear and durable in using to meet rigid requirement from professional customers, like auto mechanic, service technician, construction professional, and farmer alike

●  Long and high precision machined hose bard for better connection with air hose

●  Brass valve corn to ensure long service life without corrosion

●  Open flow type: chuck does not have it's own shut-off valve and will not work without an inflator gauge which is intended to regulate the air flow. Open type is not recommended to directly connect to air compressors, air tanks that without air valve.

●  Closed / sealing type: chuck will shut off air flow when not on valve stem. Closed / sealing type is not suitable for tire gauge or tire inflator.

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