Bayonet Tire Inflator

Part # 192120

• Lever action trigger and heavy-duty construction, provides long service life even with constant use
• Protective sleeve over dial tube for impact protection, withstands the tough home garage or commercial shop use.
• Complete with a brass indicator bar for easy reading
• Includes a 12 inch hose with a pressure range that offers 10-120 PSI (2 lb increments)
• Clip-on air chuck for one hand operation

Product Detail

Part Number 192120
Reader Unit Bayonet Style Gauge
Chuck Type Clip-on Air Chuck
Max. Inflation 120 PSI
Scale PSI
Inlet Size 1/4" NPT / BSP female
Hose Length 15.7"(400mm)
Housing Zinc Alloy Die Casting
Trigger Plated Steel
Accuracy +/- 2%
Operation Inflate, Measure
Max. Airline Pressure 170 PSI
Deflation Valve (optional)

More Details

Solid brass bar gauge calibrated 10 – 120 PSI in 2 PSI increments

Heavy duty bayonet style inflator gauge with brass valve mechanism will provide years of reliable service

Ergonomic design lever trigger for friendly grig.

Why Is Proper Inflation Important?

There’s a reason why vehicles have recommended tire pressures. Proper inflation of your car’s tires not only ensures it’s comfortable to drive and ride in, but it can also affect your fuel economy. More importantly, they ensure your tires are wearing out uniformly, extending the life of your tires.

Overinflating or underinflating your tires could have adverse effects on its performance. Not only do underinflated tires appear flatter, they have increased surface contact with the road. If driven over a long period of time, that contact can result in premature tire wear. Underinflation also has a direct effect on the car’s fuel economy.

Overinflating your tires with too much air can cause increased rigidity and stiffness, resulting in a harsher ride. Contact with the road is typically increased around the center area of the tire when it is overinflated, causing additional wear in the center. If you notice the sides or outer sections of your car’s tires are less worn out than the center, it’s a good chance they’re overinflated.

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