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Dual Head Straight Foot Air Chuck

Part # AC2096

●  Dual head is made of zinc alloy, and straight head of push-pull air chuck is specially designed for inner/single wheels or hard-to-touch valves, and 30°reverse head for outer wheels.

●  This dual head straight foot air chuck is available for both closed flow and open flow. The closed type is designed with built-in shut-off valve for air line. The air only passed when the air chuck is engaged with a tire valve stem. The open flow type is designed for tire inflator gauge or air pump.

●  The dual head straight foot air chuck features 1/4″ female NPT or BSP inlet with 5/8″ / 16mm hex connector, compatible with most air hose, tire inflator and air compressor accessories.

●  Both ends of dual head straight foot air chuck lock onto tire valve thread.

●  6” / 150mm long stem with chrome-plated, which is rust free and allows you to reach the inner wheels without dirty your hands.

●  Max pressure of 150 pounds per square inch.

●  Applied for car, truck, bus, tractor and large vehicle etc. (with Schrader valve)

●  Minimum order quantity: 2,000pcs.

Product Detail

Extended dual head straight foot air chuck for general commercial and industrial tire inflation applications.

6” long stem makes it access hard to reach valves.

Dual head design is compatible with dual wheels: straight for inner or single and 30 degree reverse outer, that could be applied for big range of vehicles: cars, buses, trucks, pick-up and heavy vehicles etc.

Chrome-plated construction for protection against corrosion.

1/4″ female NPT or BSP thread could be connected with most air compressor or air line accessories.

The tire chuck adopts a push-pull chuck design, no need to thread the chuck onto valve stems, just push or pull the chuck onto the valve for a nice seal, the air chuck could lock on tire stem thread.

Zinc alloy head with chrome plated stem prolong the service span, no need to worry about rusting, tarnishing or damaging.


Part Number AC2096 Inlet Thread 1/4″ Female NPT or BSP
Maximum Pressure 150 PSI / 10 Bar Material Zinc, Steel
Valve Closed (optional: open flow) Locking Type Lock on valve stem thread
Length 6″ / 150mm Included No additional components or accessories are included

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