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Clip On Tire Chuck

Part # AC2085

●  The clip on tire chuck is open flow air chuck with clips

●  Allows chuck to easily clip on to valve threads for hands free tire inflation.

●  Designed with 1/ 4 inch Female national thread, 3/4 inch hex

●  The clip on tire chuck is compatible with schrader valves, the inflation nozzles of most vehicles, such as car, bus, trailer, motorcycle and bicycle, truck, SUV, electric bike, motorbike, also compatible with wheel pressure gauge and compressor

●  Closed flow is also available

●  Material: our clip on tire chuck is mainly made of brass which is durable and sturdy, designed with good corrosion resistance and you can use them for a long time

●  The maximum air pressure is 250 psi

Product Detail

●  Unique design allows chuck to easily clip on to valve thread for hands free tire inflation.

●  Easy on style air chuck - press down on handle, push onto tire valve thread and release handle to grip thread.

●  Maximum pressure up to 250 PSI. Chuck clips on to tire valve.

Closed Flow:

Closed flow tire chuck is designed for slowly inflating, with shut-off valve inside. The air only passed when the air chuck is engaged with a tire valve.

Open Flow:

Open flow air chuck, no shut-off valve inside, air can pass through when not engage with tire valve. Quick inflating.


When use the air chuck to inflate a tire, please use the lock-on clip to secure the chuck to the valve stem for sealing.

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