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  • Tire Bead Seating Tool

    Tire Bead Seating Tool

    Part # 192132

    ●  The tire Bead Seating Tool blasting the air out of the tank immediately puts the tires on the rims. The device is suitable for agricultural machinery, trucks, cars and motorcycles.

    ●  It is an essential equipment for any tire workshop. A built-in safety valve that regulates the tank pressure and a built-in gauge that shows the current tire pressure.

    ●  A handle that makes it easier to grasp the inflator by the edge and enables comfortable handling of the device.

    ●  The 2 gallon Bead Seating Tool consists of a sturdy, all-steel, powder-coated tank that is solid and durable enough to remain useful over the long term. Exquisite powder coating makes it rust and corrosion resistant.

    ●  After you have correctly inserted the high pressure tube into the gap between the tire and the rim and quickly turned the valve to ON, you will spend a short time inflating the tire and then turning the valve to OFF.

    ●  Different vehicles require different operating pressures. The gauge can help you accurately read and set the pressure for different vehicles. The pressure of our inflator is between 87-116 PSI.

    ●  A specially designed lip holds the thread barrel at the perfect angle for air supply during bead seating, while the quick release valve distributes air to deliver a full blown of air into the tire.

    ●  The high pressure air inflator is suitable for vehicles, cars, trucks, lawn tractors, tractors, large tractors, RVs, ATVs and more. It’s also convenient for you to take it with the handle.
  • 5 Gallon Air Tire Bead Seater

    5 Gallon Air Tire Bead Seater

    Part # 192131

    ●  The 5 gallon air tire bead seater is suitable for cars, cars, trucks, lawn tractors, tractors, large tractors, RVs, All-Terrain Vehicles, etc. The handle is also convenient for you to take

    ●  The bead seater blasts compressed air between the wheel and the tire bead; it is suitable for vertical and horizontal blasting methods; when the tire is blasted, the edge of the barrel rests on the edge of the wheel to obtain a perfect 40 degree angle

    ●  Fill the air tank with a standard workshop compressor; our tire bead seater can effectively fix tires from small 4″ tires to large 24-1/2″ truck tires.

    ●  Connect the dual head air chuck to the ball valve to turn this pneumatic tire bead blaster into a portable tire inflator; the maximum air pressure of the air tank is 150 PSI, which can be used to set the high pressure seating of the tire bead.

    ●  No need to use soap, ratchet straps and liquids to fix the tires; this tire beat seater is perfect for DIY use in your car or RV; the easy-to-carry handle of the tank is perfect for professional work around busy workshops.

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