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Air Hose Chuck, Euro Style

Part # AC2087

●  The air hose chuck equipped with hose barb for 1/4″ hose inner diameter.

●  Maximum air pressure of  air hose chuck is 150 pounds per square inch

●  Both open flow and closed/sealing type air chuck available

●  Suitable for use on inflator gauges or air line

●  The air hose chuck is designed and manufactured to exacting standards

●  Allows chuck to easily clip on to valve threads for hands free tire inflation.

●  Compatible with schrader valves, the inflation nozzles of most vehicles, such as car, bus, trailer, motorcycle and bicycle, truck, SUV, electric bike, motorbike, also compatible with wheel pressure gauge and compressor

●  Material: mainly made of brass which is durable and sturdy, designed with good corrosion resistance and you can use them for a long time

Product Detail

●  Heavy-duty brass construction allows for strength and durability.

●  1/4" ID hose barb end makes it the perfect choice for hose repairs.

●  Lock-on clamp make it easy for hands free tire inflation.

●  Tire inflator chuck fitted all passenger and truck tire valves.

Benefits of Air Chucks

●  Inflate tires. An air chuck’s sole purpose is to inflate tires. They fit over the valve stem and go to work. While that is a simple job, it’s essential because a tire without air is nothing more than a hunk of rubber.

●  Adjust air pressure. Basic maintenance and performance driving of any kind requires you to monitor and adjust air pressure in your tires. Air chucks are essential to the process. If you need to make these adjustments while away from the shop, you should consider our guides to automatic tire inflator.

●  Tackle miscellaneous tasks. Some air chucks come as part of a kit that allows you to do more than inflate tires. You can use them for filling up tires, sports equipment, and even cleaning up around the shop. If you’re just starting to build a collection, you certainly should consider these kits.

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