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UK Style Air Quick Connect Couplings, Single Action

●  The UK style air quick connect couplings are manufactured in heat-treated hardened steel for better durability. Steel is hard and resilient with more damage resistance than softer metals and a wide range of working temperature, and Zinc-plated finish provides high corrosion resistance.

●  Single action for quick disconnect, the coupling is connected by simply pushing the adaptor into the socket, the sleeve guard will restore automatically, no need manually slide back.

●  The air quick connect couplings feature greater airflow characteristics for the larger air tool applications in garage and tire shop environments. The increased flow results in greater tool efficiency and decreased air costs. The air couplings are the female end of coupling sets. They are coupled with UK style air nipples (male ends) to connect pneumatic tools.

●  The UK style air quick connect couplings are compatible with Cejn 295 and Rectus 19.

●  Applied for air compressors, pneumatic tools and air lines in workshop.

●  Connecting type: BSPT male thread, BSPT female thread and hose tailpiece.

●  Max. air pressure: 14 bar / 200 PSI

●  Max. working temperature: -20°~ +120°C / -4°~ +250°F

●  Seal Material: Nitrile

●  Minimum Order Quantity: 2,000pcs / item

Product Detail

The UK style air quick connect couplings adopt built-in valve to prevent air leakage when changing he air tools. It helps you quickly switch between different air tools and accessories. It is a must have air fittings for pneumatic tools, air compressors, air blow guns and air hoses etc, and widely used in light engineering environments. The couplings feature hardened steel construction with corrosive resistant finish. Single action makes them easy for operating. Pulling back the sleeve on the socket to disconnect the coupling. The UK style air couplings interchange with standard UK adaptors, Cejn 295 and Rectus 19. Protective shoulder helps to avoid dirt penetration. Integral sleeve guard resists accidental disconnection. Recommended to use Teflon tape.

Body Size Connection Type Part Number Material
1/4 1/4 BSPT, Male Thread APUKS22M Steel
1/4 3/8 BSPT, Male Thread APUKS23M Steel
1/4 1/2 BSPT, Male Thread APUKS24M Steel
1/4 1/4 BSPT, Female Thread APUKS22F Steel
1/4 3/8 BSPT, Female Thread APUKS23F Steel
1/4 1/2 BSPT, Female Thread APUKS24F Steel
1/4 6mm / 1/4 Hose I.D., Tailpiece APUKS22H Steel
1/4 8mm / 5/16 Hose I.D., Tailpiece APUKS8MMH Steel
1/4 10mm / 3/8 Hose I.D., Tailpiece APUKS23H Steel
1/4 13mm / 1/2 Hose I.D., Tailpiece APUKS24H Steel

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