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Safety Air Coupler, Industrial Style

Part # 181106

●  This safety air quick coupler is very high quality that feature a non-marring, impact resistant, high grade composite body.

●  The coupler is easy to use for anyone and are built for safety and high efficiency!

●  Nominal bore size: 1/4.

●  The quick release button on this coupler allows you to easily release plugs with one hand and it also purges the air on everything down line, such as air hose and tools, so that there is no hose whipping or sudden pressure releases.

●  This safety coupler feature a 1/4″ female NPT threaded inlet. It is compatible with Milton / Industrial style air plugs, 1/4 body size.

Product Detail

It is just “push to disconnect”, you don’t have to pull back a spring loaded sleeve like most. When you go to disconnect, you push the button and that releases the air pressure, then when you release the button you can remove the disconnect. No hoses whipping about from the pressure release.

●  Safety air quick coupler fittings prevent possible injury or damage, compatible with Milton / Industrial couplers/plugs.

●  More version available which could be interchangeable/compatible with most manufacturers: ARO, Tru-Flate, European / High Flow Style

●  By one push button to release the air and second push to disconnect the coupling, users can easily change out their tools without the risk of hose whip that can cause injuries to the operator and damages to surrounding tools and products.

●  1/4” NPT female national pipe thread size.

●  Non-scratch, composite body is resistant to abrasion, vibration, corrosion, shocks and crushing.

●  Flow rate: 36 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) at 150 PSI pressure air supply. Temperatures up to 250 degrees F.

●  Ergonomic, anti-slip button

Part Number 181106 Inlet 1/4″ NPT Female
Maximum Pressure 174 PSI / 12 Bar Material Composite body + Steel mechanism
Flow Rate 36 cubic feet per minute (SCFM) at 150 PSI Temperature -15 to 70 / +5°F to +158°F
Compatible Milton / Industrial air plug Highlight Safety, No hose whipping, Non scratch, Anti-static

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