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Tire Inflator Gun With Gauge

Part # 192032

●  Measurement range of tire inflator gun with gauge: 0 – 170PSI or 0 -12 Bar

●  The tire inflator gun with gauge features measurements in PSI and Bar.

●  Compatible with ¼” NPT air compressor’s output

●  Performance tested & calibrated accurate to 2% full scale range with display resolution of 0.2PSI for maximum accuracy.

●  Built of high quality, heavy duty steel and brass components, the tire inflator gun with gauge provide lasting performance; Use of all vehicles, such as car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, bicycle (with Schrader valve) etc

●  Gauge protected by rubber boot.

Product Detail

Inflate tires for all kinds of vehicles (car, van, truck, motorcycle) by attaching to your air compressor pump. Combined inflation gun, chuck, and gauge, clip design, built-in relief valve. Enabling one handed use of tool to inflate, deflate and check tire pressure. The flexible hose helps you maneuver move easily into heel wells and other tight spaces.

●  Quick & easy one handed operation because outlet chuck locks & seals to valve stem.

●  Durable with high quality heavy duty metal materials.

●  Built-in air bleeder valve helps to quickly decrease pressure in overinflated tires. Press the air bleeder valve to drain excessive air pressure. Increased safety and reduced tire-related incidents!

●  Premium rubber protector safely guards gauge from any damages. The dial and main body of this tire gauge exclusively designed to be metal integrated closed into one unit to avoid any air leaking.


Part Number 192032 Inlet Adaptor 1/4″ NPT or BSP
Maximum Pressure 170 PSI / 12 Bar Material Zinc Die Casting (body)
Measurement Increment 0.2 PSI Air Chuck Type Clip-on
Included Inflating gun, Chuck, Gauge Hose Length 16 inch / 40cm

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