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Tire Inflator Gun With Gauge, Liquid Filled

Part # 192061

●  Liquid filled analog gauge provides high-accuracy measurements.

●  The tire inflator gun with gauge contains a built-in tire pressure bleeder valve to drop your pressure to your desired level and reduce pressure in overinflated tires

●  The tire inflator gun with gauge features a high flex hose and includes clip-on air chuck for added convenience, more type chucks available.

●  1/4 inch NPT / BSP fitting

●  Oil filled pressure gauge measures in PSI (0-230) and Bar (0-16)

●  the tire inflator gun with gauge ensure precise air pressure readings on your tires with 1/2 lb. increments and 2% accuracy.

●  Liquid absorbs vibration/pressure spikes, reduces wear, and is better in corrosive environments

●  Oil filled gauges have a vent valve on the top of the gauge allowing you to totally equalize internal and external pressures, guaranteeing accuracy

Product Detail

The analog tire inflator with oil-filled pressure gauge provides precise PSI readings, offering a superior performance compared to a traditional dry pressure gauge. Connected with a air compressor, this tire pressure gauge makes it easy to inflate equipment at home or in the shop, extending the life of vehicle tires and optimizing gas mileage. The brass air chuck is corrosion-resistant and securely locks on tires to prevent air leakage, and the flexible rubber hose make it easy to use in tight spaces. This tool is constructed of a durable, Aluminum die casting and rust-resistant fittings to ensure a long service life.

●  Press the pistol-style trigger to inflate tires for cars, SUV and other equipment

●  Oil filled gauge monitors air pressure in PSI & Bar

●  Aluminum alloy die casting construction makes the unit lightweight and durable

●  The liquid filled gauge minimize the effects of vibration, prevents internal corrosion and lubricates all moving parts, making it easy to accurately monitor the pressure of your tires or other equipment.



Part Number 192061 Inlet Adaptor 1/4″ NPT or BSP
Maximum Pressure 230 PSI / 16 Bar Gauge Analog Gauge with Liquid Filled
Measurement Increment 0.2 PSI Air Chuck Type Clip-on
Included Inflating gun, Chuck, Gauge Hose Length 16 inch / 40cm

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