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ARO Style Air Coupler

●  The ARO Coupler or A Style Coupler is made of solid brass for better durability.

●  Ball bearings provides better grip when connecting and sleeve guard prevents accidental disconnect.

●  The tubular valve mechanism promotes high air flow.

●  Our fittings are interchangeable with similar couplers manufactured to the same standard.

●  Applied for air compressors, pneumatic tools, water, grease, paint etc.

●  1/4 basic flow size

●  Connecting type: NPT male thread, NPT female thread, hose barb.

●  Max. air pressure: 300 PSI

●  Max. working temperature: -40°~ +120°C / -40°~ +250°F

●  Our ARO Coupler in material steel is also available on request. The steel A Style Coupler with zinc plated features high corrosion resistance and long service life.

●  Minimum Order Quantity: 2,000pcs / item

Product Detail

Solid brass A Style Coupler / ARO Coupler helps you quickly switch between different air tools and accessories. Pneumatic coupler air connectors feature reliable seal airtight. It is a must have air fittings for pneumatic tools, air compressors, air blow guns and air hoses etc. The ARO style is compatible with A style plugs. The solid brass construction provides corrosion resistant for compressed air and liquid applications, medium strength, diamagnetic, high resistance to organic liquids, good surface finish, and environment friendly. Integral sleeve guard resists accidental disconnection. Recommended to use Teflon tape.

Body Size Connection Type Part Number Material
1/4 1/4-18 NPT Male Thread ACA22M Brass, Steel
1/4 1/4-18 NPT Female Thread ACA22F Brass, Steel
1/4 3/8-18 NPT Male Thread ACA23M Brass, Steel
1/4 3/8-18 NPT Female Thread ACA23F Brass, Steel
1/4 1/4 Hose I.D., Barbed ACA22H Brass, Steel
1/4 3/8 Hose I.D., Barbed ACA23H Brass, Steel

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