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Tru-Flate Style / Automotive Air Coupler

●  The Tru-Flate style or Automotive Air Coupler is made of solid brass for better durability.

●  6 ball bearings provides better grip when connecting and sleeve guard prevents accidental disconnect.

●  The tubular valve mechanism promotes high air flow.

●  Our fittings are interchangeable with similar couplers manufactured to the same standard.

●  Applied for air compressors, pneumatic tools, water, grease, paint etc.

●  Body size includes 1/4 & 3/8.

●  Connecting type: NPT male thread, NPT female thread, hose barb.

●  Max. air pressure: 300 PSI

●  Max. working temperature of our Automotive Air Coupler is up to 120℃ or 250℉

●  Minimum Order Quantity: 2,000pcs / item

Product Detail

Solid brass Tru-Flate style / Automotive Air Coupler helps you quickly switch between different air tools and accessories. Pneumatic coupler air connectors feature reliable seal airtight. It is a must have air fittings for pneumatic tools, air compressors, air blow guns and air hoses etc. The Tru-Flate style, or automotive interchange, is compatible with T and C style plugs. The solid brass construction provides high corrosion resistance and prolong service span. Recommended to use Teflon tape.

Body Size Connection Type Part Number Material
1/4 1/4-18 NPT Male Thread ACT22M Brass, Steel
1/4 1/4-18 NPT Female Thread ACT22F Brass, Steel
1/4 3/8-18 NPT Male Thread ACT23M Brass, Steel
1/4 3/8-18 NPT Female Thread ACT23F Brass, Steel
1/4 1/4 Hose I.D., Barbed ACT22H Brass, Steel
1/4 3/8 Hose I.D., Barbed ACT23H Brass, Steel
3/8 1/4-18 NPT Male Thread ACT32M Brass, Steel
3/8 1/4-18 NPT Female Thread ACT32F Brass, Steel
3/8 3/8-18 NPT Male Thread ACT33M Brass, Steel
3/8 3/8-18 NPT Female Thread ACT33F Brass, Steel
3/8 1/2-14 NPT Male Thread ACT34M Brass, Steel
3/8 1/2-14 NPT Female Thread ACT34F Brass, Steel
3/8 3/8 Hose I.D., Barbed ACT33H Brass, Steel
3/8 1/2 Hose I.D., Barbed ACT34H Brass, Steel

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