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Quality Tire Pressure Gauge

Part # 192140

●  The quality tire pressure gauge features a steel and brass construction with an extended chuck stem. The 360 degree swivel ball foot air chuck fully rotates and makes the gauge access to any position of tire valve so that to get a perfect seal without air leakage.

●  The rugged and robust precision gauge is covered by a rubber protector to provide better shock resistance and great grip.

●  The quality tire pressure gauge is calibrated to +/- 2% accuracy of full range tire pressure, which meets the standard ANSI B40.1 and EN12645: 2014.

●  The gauge ranges range up to 100 psi or 7 bar with increment of 2 psi or 0.2 bar.

●  No need batteries and low maintenance, the quality tire pressure gauge is easy to use and reliable in all weather conditions. The durable mechanical construction makes it applied for car, motorcycle, van, light truck, SUV, RV and ATV etc.

●  The compact size 1.5 inch / 38mm dial enables the unit to store neatly in glove compartment, center console or tool box, and handy for men and women.

●  Pressure hold function, after reading the operator need to release the air inside gauge by press the air bleed valve. The air bleeder valve is also for tire deflation.

●  Minimum order quantity: 2,000pcs.

Product Detail

Easy to read 1.5 inch / 38mm dial plate equipped with a 45 degree angled and fully swiveling ball foot chuck. The built in air bleed valve allows you to release the extra air when tire pressure is higher than requirement.

Each unit is performance tested and calibrated to meet standard ANSI B40.1 and EN12645: 2014.

The reliable mechanism ensures quick and accurate tire pressure measurement up to 100 PSI without batteries required.

Robust and shock-resistant gear style shock guard shields the solid steel body from accidental drops and impact, so the gauge will serve long span time.

Application for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, bikes, trailers, ATVs or RVs.


Part Number 192140 Material Steel, Brass, Plastic
Maximum Pressure 100 PSI or 7 Bar Gauge Analog Gauge
Measurement Increment 2 PSI or 0.2 Bar Dial Size 1.5 inch / 38mm
Accuracty +/- 2% Chuck Swivel Ball Foot Air Chuck

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