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Heavy Duty Truck Tire Pressure Gauge

Part # 192143

●  The heavy duty truck tire pressure gauge is constructed with 2 inch / 50mm dial gauge and 11 inch / 230mm extended dual head straight air chuck.

●  Dual head (push-pull) tire chuck make measurement easier when tire valve stem stands in different positions, both inner and outer tires for single and dual tires. Rotatable tire air chuck could be applied to most vehicles, especially to trucks, trailers & RVs. The valve core is made of solid brass, which is corrosion resistant and easily forms a seal with the valve stem.

●  The rugged and robust precision gauge is protected by a rubber cover for shock resistance and great grip.

●  The quality tire pressure gauge is calibrated to +/- 2% accuracy of full range tire pressure.

●  Max pressure of 160 pounds per square inch / 11 bar with increment of 2 psi / 0.2 bar.

●  No need batteries and low maintenance, the quality tire pressure gauge is easy to use and reliable in all weather conditions. The durable mechanical construction makes it applied for car, van, light truck, but, truck, SUV, tractor and heavy vehicle etc.

●  Build in air bleeder valve is designed for tire deflation and gauge reset after tire pressure measurement.

●  Minimum order quantity: 2,000pcs.

Product Detail

Easy to read 2 inch / 50mm dial gauge equipped with a dual head straight type air chuck.

Dual head chuck is compatible with dual wheels: straight for inner or single and 30 degree reverse outer, that could be applied for big range of vehicles: cars, buses, trucks, pick-up and heavy vehicles etc. Chrome-plated construction for protection against corrosion.

The built in air bleed valve allows you to release the extra air when tire pressure is higher than requirement.

Each unit is performance tested and calibrated to meet standard ANSI B40.1 and EN12645: 2014.

The reliable mechanism ensures quick and accurate tire pressure measurement up to 150 PSI without batteries required.

Application for cars, buses, trucks, SUVs, tractors and heavy trucks etc.


Part Number 192143 Gauge Analog Gauge
Maximum Pressure 160 PSI or 11 Bar Dial Size 2 inch / 50mm
Measurement Increment 2 PSI or 0.2 Bar Chuck Straight Dual Head Air Chuck
Accuracty +/- 2% Total Length 11-5/8 inch / 295mm

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